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Welcome to Saltwater Impressions

The Art of Gyotaku

Gyotaku (魚拓) Gyo (Fish) Taku (Stone Impression) 

Gyotaku is a traditional Japanese method of printing fish, dating back to the mid-1800s. This form of nature printing was used by fishermen to record their catch and keep the memory of that day.  The impression is created by painting the fish with non-toxic paint and then gently laying rice paper over the fish to make the impression. Using non-toxic paint allows Saltwater Impressions to create a memorable print yet still eat and enjoy your fish.  

While you explore our impressions, please keep in mind that each print is unique in their own impression and measurements.  Minimal edits, if any are made, keeping the tradition of the Art of Gyotaku. If you have any questions regarding sizes or framing, please feel free to reach out to Saltwater Impressions via the Contact tab.

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