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Our Story - Finding Inspiration in Every Catch

Aloha! Welcome to Saltwater Impressions! We are the Otero Family and we love the ocean! Fishing, diving, surfing or a leisure day of boating with family and friends on the "Ohana Chronicles" is a day well spent.  For 25 years, the Marine Corps has led our family to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Japan's East China Sea, blue waters of Hawaii and currently retiring in beautiful Pensacola, Florida, enjoying the warm Gulf of Mexico waters! When a fish is hooked, we are always thinking of the best way we can share our catch with family and friends. The Art of Gyotaku is a beautiful way to do so! We embrace the "Aloha Aina." Love the ocean and if you take care of the seas, it will take care of you. Therefore, we only harvest and gyotaku fish that we will eat and share at our table with family and friends. We also believe in originality with our impressions, therefore our prints may not be picture perfect, but are true to the catch, memories and meals made that day. We hope our impressions will fill your home with the adventure and salt life that we love so much. If you happen to see us on the water, be sure to give a shout out or better yet, come join us!  

From Ocean, To Gyotaku, To Table!

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